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About Mishti

MISHTI was...

  • Spawned in Tokyo, shaped by parental wanderlust
  • Short, as a child
  • Decisive (about food)
  • Teased incessantly due to a Michael Jackson obsession and
    temporary British accent
  • Infinitely fearless, and embarrassed simultaneously
  • Voted "most likely to start a cult" in high school
  • Mistaken for a boy until 13 (probably due to childhood propensity to George Harrison haircuts and skinny ties)

MISHTI is...

  • Fluent in Golden Girls
  • A connoisseur of all things Yiddish and Irish… without being either
  • Obstinate (about food)
  • Not self-deprecating, just accurate
  • Clothed primarily by CVS
  • In love with people, not things (unless those things are edible)
  • A writer of big songs and small lists

MISHTI has been...

  • Writing music for the arrhythmic
  • Dreaming that her Post-Pop Rock will indent your soul
  • Chasing Grace Slick, stealing from Albert King
  • Reminiscing about her life-changing participation at 2014 and 2015 Michigan Womyn’s Festivals
  • Gigging regularly and happily in NYC (Rockwood, Shrine, Bowery Electric, Pianos)
  • Preparing to exhale while Crave, Palestina and Weight of My Heart creep towards release
  • Living through Bones, figuratively and anthropologically
  • Still pinching herself for participating in Toshi Reagon’s 2016 Word, Rock & Sword Festival #WTF
  • Drumming, drumming, drumming... for Ghost Millionaires and every Artist on her iPod

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